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These workshops focus on creative expression through movement, inspired by exploration of themes within the company’s current touring productions or research projects. The workshop is taught by Maresa von Stockert and one company member or two experienced dancers of the company and lasts for a minimum of one and a half hours (allowing time to warm-up, some creative tasks and a cool-down).

Tilted Productions’ work is based on conceptual ideas, issues of contemporary life, themes that interest people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. These ideas can easily be explored by people without highly skilled physicality, through curiosity, personal engagement and life experience rather than dance technique.

The company has a general interest in the untrained body and the creative potential of everyday movements and interaction with objects, irrespective of a person’s skill or physical limitations. For example, natural or familiar gestures are often developed into a movement sequence that is placed into a creative context through the juxtaposition of unusual timings, dynamics and musical references thus conveying a new meaning to the familiar.

In addition to gesture and pedestrian movement, props will often be used as a movement catalyst encouraging choreographic inventiveness.

The workshop will include explanations of the company’s ways of working combined with creative tasks to show the direct relationship to the creative process. The participants will be encouraged to discover their own creative movement potential in relation to the themes of the company’s work.

The dancers aim is to provide the participants with the direct experience of expressing ideas through movement. The workshop will focus on a joyful, exciting creative process for all participants.


For further information regarding fees and/or booking a workshop please contact Tilted Productions by email: or telephone 01206 825674


Please note that the community workshops can be adjusted to different settings and circumstances.


We ask that for all workshops the leaders have access to the space at least 30 minutes before the start of the workshop to warm-up and prepare.