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“… an imaginatively weird and expressive dance where environmentalist themes were amongst many bobbing around on the surface…”

Edward Taylor, Total Theatre Review, September 2012

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… Were there really only seven performers? We have seen them turn into seagulls, monsters and mermaids, go sunbathing and take part in surreal picnics. …”

Zöe Anderson, Dancing Times, August 2012

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“The image we are left with is her curled up, contortioned in the tank – a striking final image that I wanted to last longer.”

Anna Pearce, Cloud Dance Festival Writers, 02 July 2012

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“… SEASAW created an hour of entertainment which remained with the viewer. It was beautifully performed, coordinated and delivered and wonderfully different.”

 Jessica Marshall Mchattie, The Argus, 21 May 2012

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SEASAW is the first site-specific work that I have created for the outdoors and also my first promenade piece.”

Interview with Maresa von Stockert by Dom Smith, May 2012

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Beyond merely being inspired by the setting Maresa wanted to fully integrate the location into the performance: architectural … and landscape features such as sandy ground, became a direct catalyst for movement material…”

Derek Purnell, Animated Magazine, 2011

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