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Tilted has been busy with several research projects with focus on integrating disabled performers and their mobility tools in the company’s physical dialogues between the human body, objects and environments.

Artistic Director Maresa von Stockert, invited three dance artists who are also wheelchair or prosthetics users to join the company’s research. Together they explored new themes, partnering work and object manipulation from diverse perspectives. Wheelchairs, prosthetics, everyday objects, natural materials and architecture/ landscapes were merged and investigated with open-minded curiosity, resulting in a virtuosic movement vocabulary that questions pre-conceptions and offers new perspectives on the familiar. The research was greatly interesting for all involved and opened up exciting new possibilities for collaboration. 

As part of the research projects Tilted also led inclusive workshops for local community participants. Diversity played a crucial role in developing and enriching the content and delivery of those workshops that proactively embraced difference and multiple voices.

Many thanks to all those involved and contributing to our research.

Thanks also to 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and DanceEast for their residency support.