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#TiltedFramed Exhibition

This inaugural photo exhibition gives a glimpse into the work of Tilted Productions, led by Artistic Director Maresa von Stockert , from 2002 until today. The exhibition features unique photographs from the company’s performance work as well as artist responses to rehearsals and performances in pencil, chalk and pastel.

The full collection of 30 pieces (or a smaller selection of works) feature on tour accompanying live productions. A selection of pieces are currently on show at the following venue(s):

  • 1 March – 30 April 2018 – Déda, Derby

You can comment on the exhibition online using #TiltedFramed and follow the company’s social media and newsletters for launch event dates.

Tilted Productions’ work is deeply inspired by questions around our sense of place and identity. Known for vividly visual and powerfully embodied performances, Tilted strives to shed new light on why and how we interact with others, our environment and the objects with which we surround ourselves. Whether on stage, screen or in the public realm, Tilted re-imagines the familiar and opens up fresh, poetic perspectives on the world we live in.

The exhibition began its journey during the tour of the company’s internationally acclaimed site-responsive promenade work, BELONGING(s). The production transformed industrial, domestic and derelict landscapes into illusory worlds and engaged communities that may not normally engage with the arts as audiences and participant performers. This outdoor piece continued to evolve and was translated into a stage production, Constructions of Thin Air, which tours the UK in 2018 and hopefully more widely in 2019.

The company’s visually striking choreography has been of interest to many photographers and visual artists and Tilted are delighted to share this small selection, with thanks to the photographers, artists and performers featured.

Printing: Mat Sant Studio |
Framing: MF Gallery & Framing |

Tilted Productions is funded by Arts Council England and Ipswich Borough Council.