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“… SEASAW created an hour of entertainment which remained with the viewer…”

 Jessica Marshall Mchattie, The Argus, 21 May 2012

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“Maresa von Stockert has a choreographic sensibility that’s all her own, a mix of intellectual and sensory scrupulousness that makes her work strikingly original.”

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian, February 2011

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“A brilliantly physical political satire…Combining verse and dialogue with an intriguing soundscape of whirring, typing teleprinters and yelling crowds, TrAPPED is a clever, witty, politically provocative piece.”

Yorkshire Post, October 2009

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“What amazes as always is the stunning visual effect of von Stockert and her cast’s wit and imagination…it makes audiences think”

Mary Redman, The Stage, January 2008

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Marjorie’s World Unhinged

“Speech in dance theatre is hard to pull off. Von Stockert’s scripts are witty and well-focused … there’s something distinctive about Von Stockert’s work, an individual outlook, its own particular atmosphere.”

Zoe Anderson, The Independent, November 2006

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More Grim[m] Desires

“…dance-theatre show which is both funny and disturbing. … Cleverly segueing between stories … von Stockert’s use of props and set is also ingenuous. Von Stockert has a deliciously skewed way of looking at the world, changing bedtime stories into vignettes of wit and brutality.”

Kelly Apter, The Scotsman, 19 April 2005

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Grim[m] Desires

“… the German-born, British based dance-maker has gone beyond the mere interpretation of individual stories. She has taken five familiar tales and woven them into a single, connected narrative which unfolds so cleverly and with such dry humour that it presents one of the most engaging contemporary dance events of the year…”

Debra Craine, The Times, 18 September 2004

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Nightmares in Black & Green

“…Roberta Pitrè’s solo on top of a kitchen table is full of invention and Antoine Vereecken’s duet with the doll is beautiful rather than merely comic…”

Stuart Sweeney, Ballet-Dance Magazine, March 2004

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Polystyrene Dreams created for Phoenix Dance Theatre

“This is a glorious piece of theatre in which workers on a toy doll assembly line indulge in escapist fantasy. They play dodgems on their chairs, wrap and box Douglas Thorpe as if he were a doll and leave the stage littered with torn polystyrene. The ‘assembling’ movements are sublimely witty and the sense of release is so infectious.”

Kevin Berry, The Stage, 11 March 2004

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