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“A second fun piece was Maresa von Stockert’s “Nightmares in Black and Green”. Afterwards I was amazed to realise that it lasted as long as 25 minutes, so packed is it with good jokes and intriguing movement. Constructing a story around suburban life, apples, a failed relationship and a blow-up sex doll is tough enough, but von Stockert combines this heady mix with a voice-over narrative, often a kiss-of-death for dance, and makes it all work. Roberta Pitrè’s solo on top of a kitchen table is full of invention and Antoine Vereecken’s duet with the doll is beautiful rather than merely comic.”

Stuart Sweeney, Ballet-Dance Magazine, March 2004

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“The work … features two dancers (Francisco Monteagudo and Roberta Pitre) performing with a table, some roses, a blow up doll, lot’s of apples and the funniest dead pan spoken text you have ever heard (spoken by Russell Raisey). …”

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