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“Von Stockert’s hallucinatory foray into the subconscious is likely to tickle just about everyone’s fancies.”

Donald Hutera, The Times, January 2011

“Von Stockert and her Tilted Productions dancers fuse dance, drama and physical theatre like no other company.”

Kevin Berry, The Stage, February 2011

“Maresa von Stockert has a choreographic sensibility that’s all her own, a mix of intellectual and sensory scrupulousness that makes her work strikingly original.”

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian, February 2011

“In the wide world of dance there are few that can create a world in a box like Maresa von Stockert.”

Article 19, February 2011

“With its deep veneer of surrealist art and eclectic references that veer from comedy to melancholy and onto the edge of terror, von Stockert and her team have succeeded in producing a thought-provoking work that is perfectly paced and fascinating; and within it there is a truly captivating gem of a dance. Writing in the ‘Dancing Times’ my friend and colleague, Ian Palmer, espoused that ‘Masquerade’ was worth a full constellation of stars and I wholeheartedly concur.”

Graham Watts,, March 2011

“If Dancing Times awarded stars, I would not hesitate to offer Masquerade a full constellation.”

Ian Palmer, The Dancing Times

“There are some stunning visual images in Masquerade, the new dance theatre piece from Tilted Productions… Just as with most of those nocturnal reveries which linger into the harsh light of next morning, one sequence morphs into another and the comfortable disintegrates into the disturbing.”

Anne Morley-Priestman, What’s On Stage