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In Situ is an European network established in 2003, to support, encourage and promote artistic creation in public spaces. Maresa was nominated by Atelier 231, Sotteville-les-Rouen, France and supported by the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, to attend the 2012 seminar held in Zbiroh and Prague during the first week of December. Titled ‘Writing side by side’, the series of seminars, presentations and discussions will provide practitioners from a range of artistic disciplines the opportunity to refine their creative practice and present their work to international programmers.

This invitation underlines the increasing interest in and recognition of Maresa’s creative and innovative work throughout Europe. Opportunities such as ‘Writing side by side’, for genuine exchange of ideas and creative practice are precious. Tilted Productions is delighted that Maresa was able to participate in this prestigious event.


Maresa on her experience of IN SITU – Zbiroh and Prague, December 2012:

IN SITU to me was a week long hothouse of precious experiences, links and artistic development. Rather than focusing on a product orientated presentation of artists’ works, this seminar provided a safe environment for work in progress reflection. At the same time it invited me to take future risks and challenge my ways of thinking about creating work in public spaces.

It was very helpful to get asked critical questions and hear feedback at an early stage in the creative process before rehearsals have started.

It was also very inspiring to hear other artists’ presentations and get an insight into different working processes, thoughts and concerns of both organisers and artists from diverse backgrounds and fields of practice.

The IN SITU seminar was an invaluable experience for me and will give me food for thought for a very long time. In many constructive ways will it influence the creation of my new work FRAGILE. But beyond that, the seminar has created precious links to other artists and organisations and has much enriched my way of thinking about work in public spaces.

I am very grateful to have been part of the IN SITU 2012 seminar and want to thank all who made it happen and contributed.

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