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“… the German-born, British based dance-maker has gone beyond the mere interpretation of individual stories. She has taken five familiar tales and woven them into a single, connected narrative which unfolds so cleverly and with such dry humour that it presents one of the most engaging contemporary dance events of the year…”

Debra Craine, The Times, 18 September 2004

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“… Von Stockert’s vigorous, quirkily detailed choreography bounces off the back of Russell Raisey’s drily witty voice-over narration. She also uses props … brilliantly. This is work of magical intelligence with a grisly kick. Go be entranced.”

Donald Hutera, Time Out, 29 September 2004


“Stockert has a unique way of looking at the world – both scrupulously focused and wildly hallucinatory.”

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian, 17 September 2004

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“…Maresa von Stockert, a London-based German choreographer, has spun five fairy tales into Grim[m] Desires, a witchy piece of theatre, powerfully attuned to the building’s atmosphere, demanding great daring from six dancers, and with an amusing and often barbaric wit about the stories. …”

Ismene Brown, The Independent, September 2004

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“Von Stockert teases out the twisted psychological subtexts of each original Grimm’s fairy-tale with an uncanny synthesis of wit, humor and irony. … The movement is gaspingly daring, violent at times, gestural, highly expressive and erotic. … Each story leaves us with unforgettably disturbing images, body parts, movement or props. … For me, and for many others, “Grim[m] Desires” was the dance performance of the year. …”

Josephine Leask, 2004


“Were fairy tales always this twisted and macabre? … The movement itself is haunting and lyrical with some robust duet work. … A feeling of abandonment and dereliction prevails and there is something of an Escher influence in the surreal landscape of people running at right angles to the floor and cups and saucers sitting sideways on the wall…”

Katie Phillips, The Stage, September 2004

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“…Von Stockert has cleverly morphed these stories together to make a strong narrative, a dance piece for a company of six, with the space itself as a seventh character, its walls serving as a springboard as often as its floor. … “

Robert Hewison, The Times, 19 September 2004

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“… Von Stockert is an original…”

Jann Parry, The Observer, 3 October 2004

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Louise Levene, The Sunday Telegraph, October 2004

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