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“…what amazes as always is the stunning visual effect of von Stockert and her cast’s wit and imagination…it makes audiences think.”

Mary Redman, The Stage, January 2008


“It is a tribute to Maresa von Stockert’s imagination that she squeezes so many issues into her latest work, Glacier…the material has been layered like a nesting box of images, each one cunningly springing open the next…”

Judith Mackrell,The Guardian, January 2008


“In her choreography von Stockert is often drawn to the rhythmic manipulation of props, whether it is apples, sardine tins or high-heeled shoes. In Glacier she takes on polystyrene, converting oblong slabs and curving shards of the stuff into ice floes or, more abstractly, objects that symbolise experimentation, obstruction, fragility or waste.”

Donald Hutera, The Times, January 2008