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Lee Carter Dancer Insights Blog - Finding Myself in a Box

Finding Myself In A Box: thoughts on working with Tilted Productions, by Lee Carter

Expect The Unexpected

At no time in my fairly extensive and full life did I imagine I would be involved in an intense relationship with… a box. I had never heard of 97, 101 or Big Box but now we are deeply involved. I’ve felt possessive, I’ve cried tears of frustration and laughter, I’ve felt defeated and elated when things are going well, I’ve spent restless nights dreaming about them trying to understand and adapt myself to their unexpected ways. Its been almost 3 years now and we are still together figuring things out. Through the good times and the bad they have taught me so much about listening, acceptance, presence, gentleness. And the thing with a box every time you get together it’s a little bit different…

I think I’m in love.

Impossible Is Always Possible

Heading into the unknown with a map that endlessly meanders and takes surprise turns. Never sure of the direction just feeling your way as the forest gets more entangled. When others would turn back and call a taxi Tilted goes in deeper, relentlessly searching for that shaft of light that shows the path. Sometimes exhausted and dying for a cup of tea or just the easy way home, Tilted never gives up it pushes on. Unnavigable paths and brick walls encountered are somehow transcended and what seems like a crazy impossible idea becomes a new normality.

Its trippy man!

All You Need Is Love

I have been challenged in ways I didn’t know were possible. I’ve managed to create new neurological pathways in my brain that I never knew existed. I have had all my boundaries stretched beyond recognition. I would never have survived this seismic shift if I hadn’t been surrounded by the Tilted family. They have all inspired and taught me so much about the mountains that can be scaled when people embody all those teachings of the great Box, as they do.

Thank you!!

#DancerInsights blog by Lee Carter | Tilted Productions

#DancerInsights blog by Lee Carter | Tilted Productions