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Originally from Finland, Eeva enjoys performing, as much creating her own work and is also interested in working with film, as well as sound and visual art(ist)s.

Eeva studied classical ballet, contemporary dance and improvisation in Finland, before studying for her BA at Trinity Laban London between 2010-14. During her studies, she worked with Rosemary Butcher and Martin Hargreaves amongst others. In 2009, Eeva danced in Finnish choreographer, Alpo Aaltokoski’s work Lentoon!, at the opening of the Fullmoon Dance festival. In 2014, she performed at the Serpentine Gallery, in Marina Abramovic’s work, and in 2015 at the Now Gallery in the choreography of Susan Sentler. She has been creating her own choreographies before, during and after her time at Laban.

Eeva joined the BELONGING(s) cast as an understudy in 2015 and started her apprenticeship with Tilted in 2016.  [Apprentice dancers are postgraduate students who work with the company as part of their coursework at London Contemporary Dance School.]




How did you come to be a performer?

Well a good friend of mine – when I was 10 years old – I saw her ballet performance in the spring and I felt I wanted to dance myself. The whole summer I kept telling my mother I wanted to dance, and in the autumn, I started!


How do you feel when you perform?

I feel I’m not thinking so much. It’s a quite pleasant feeling. Just focusing on what you are doing.


What is your earliest memory?

Well, the first thing that came to mind was a dream I had when I was 4 years old. In our summer cottage in Finland, our father was building a volcano. I was asking him why he was doing that and then it erupted and I ran away. Then I woke up.


How do prepare before a performance?

Well it’s good to warm up a little bit, ready the muscles. I also like to have a moment of focus, alone. And to spend time with the other performers… Preparing physically, mentally and connecting with the other performers.


How does performing outside feel compared to inside?

It’s a different kind of thing. Usually, if you’re inside, it’s a kind of closed environment, there are no distractions. If you’re outside, there might be more spontaneous things you have to deal with. If you’re inside, it feels more like it’s planned for the performance. If you perform outside, it’s more like everyday life.


If you weren’t a performer, what would you like to do?

That’s a good question. I would maybe like to do something like Yoga. I’m quite interested in healthy food, so something like that.


What do you like to do on your day off?

Various things. I like to go to the park sometimes or to central London to see something. Or meet with friends. It depends how I feel.


How have you found working with Tilted?

It’s been very nice. It has been challenging in some ways, but also very enjoyable. I feel I have learnt lots of new things and I am looking forward to next year.