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Tilted strive to represent and engage a cross-section of society and are committed to working with older people; ensuring their voices are heard and their presence made visible.

Tilted has a long history of operating as an intergenerational company, since 2006, working with performers aged between 20 – 60+. Diversity within the company ensures that a range of people are represented in performances and Tilted are committed to giving older performers visibility and opportunities.

belonging_05212016_5212“I think it is fair to say that dance is generally considered the preserve of the young, fit and ‘body beautiful’, so to be able to perform in Tilted Productions’ latest offering BELONGING(s), as my 65th birthday approaches, has been a hugely exciting, challenging, and stimulating experience for me! It has literally helped ‘keep me on my toes’ and fulfilled a lifelong love affair with movement and dance.”  – Cecil Rowe, performer in BELONGING(s)

 Engagement with older people

In Tilted’s latest piece BELONGING(s) older people are an important aspect of the show and contributed to the piece in a variety of ways.

Early stages of research and development took place in care home settings. We delivered playful workshops using cardboard and vinyl records to encourage participants to share ideas and memories around the themes of belonging and belongings. The thoughts and feedback about places and objects that gave the residents a sense of belonging were especially poignant and fed directly into the piece.

“The girls were brilliant, l didn’t think it was possible to have such a laugh with cardboard boxes. They definitely have our vote. Any other workshops you run in the future, please consider us. Thank you for a brilliant opportunity.” – Sheltered housing manager, Ipswich, 2014


A wide range of groups performed in pop-up vignettes within the piece alongside the professional cast. We worked with three 55+ dance companies, participants from Age UK as well as intergenerational ‘Open Call Groups’ who ranged in age from teenagers to those in their 70’s.

The groups went on to deliver brilliant, comical, and poignant performances in the piece.


We also engaged with groups who contributed in other ways. We commissioned two knitting groups to collectively create knitted arrows that were used in the show. We worked with a ‘Tea and Chat’ group for the over 60’s in Hounslow who made origami birds to be used in the performances.

The engagement of older people in BELONGING(s) added to the richness and integrity of the work from beginning to end.

“Lovely to be part of an intergenerational dance company, to be treated as equal, visible, with dignity and respect. Yes, I had enormous fun!” – Participant, Open Call Group, Brighton