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AndeAnders Duckworth contemporary dancer londonrs Duckworth is a British/Swedish dancer and choreographer based in London. He graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2014 and has performed in works by choreographers including Georges Hann (as part of Dance Umbrella), Jose Agudo, Fionn Cox-Davies and Wayne Parsons. In July 2014, he was commissioned by The Place to create and perform the piece Just a Performer, for the Fringe Shorts event. Anders’ choreographies have been selected for graduation shows in the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, as well as for the LCDS undergraduate company (LC3). He choreographed a short film, Polystyrene Dreams, which won several awards (2012). His newest piece, Projected will be performed at Resolution! 2015.

During 2014-15, Anders was LCDS postgraduate apprentice with Tilted Productions. [Apprentice dancers are postgraduate students who work with the company as part of their coursework at London Contemporary Dance School.]




How did you come to be a performer?

My dance teacher really persuaded me to be a performer and to take up dance and pursue it. She was just so passionate about it. That passion was infectious and I kind of inherited it. I also always loved performing. Me and my sister used to do performances to my parents all the time.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

That’s quite a difficult question. There are people who I find very inspiring. I would say I was more inspired by films and visual artists. I really love films they are a big passion of mine. Film for dance is really interesting. I really enjoy films by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. She is a choreographer but she has also produced dance films, which I think are really beautiful. One of my favourites is ‘Archterland’, which was filmed in one room. One of my favourite films at the moment is called ‘Russian Ark’ directed by Alexander Sokurov. It’s a stunning film taken in one shot and explores Russian history in the Hermitage.


What was the last thing you went to see?

Probably the Matisse exhibition. It was really stunning. The colours and patterns … incredibly modern and still looking fresh. And also it’s quite interesting seeing how much he was influenced by dance and jazz, which I didn’t know at all, but you can see the connections.


How do you feel when you perform?

I think I feel like a thousand opportunities arise and time slows down. I really get a lot pleasure from doing it because it brings you into this hyper alert state. You kind of become aware of everything.


What is your earliest memory?

My first three years were spent in Cardiff, we lived in a Victorian/Edwardian house. I really vividly remember the tiled floor in the hallway, which is quite common in those buildings.


What do you like to do on your day off?

Especially when I’m London, I love going to green spaces and parks. What I really hate is staying at home, I love going out. I love the markets in London. I try to always go to exhibitions.