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Anca was born in Iasi, Rumania and lives in Hamburg, Germany. She studied dance at the Hogeschool ancavoor de Kunsten, Arnhem (NL), and later achieved her diploma at the Folkwang Universität Essen (GE), gaining experience in Russian Ballet, and modern and contemporary dance.

Anca has worked as a guest dancer for the Staatstheater Kassel and, as a freelance, she has danced with the Company ‘Entre Pasos’, Miguel Angel Zermeno, Karel Vanek, Susanne Linke, Ilona Paszthy, Freies Tanz Theater Frankfurt, Mainzer Kammerspiele, Veronika Riz, Henny Beyer, Leandro Kees, Chikako Kaido and Yaron Shamir, among others; Additionally, she has presented her own works and films.

In Mexico she has collaborated with Moving Borders, and taught for the School of Fine Arts in Mexico City and in Salamanca in 2011. Anca is currently working as a freelance dancer on her own projects with visual artists and as a performer for ‘Performinggroup’ a company based in Cologne (GE).




How did you come to be a performer?

I always wanted to become a dancer, singer and actress when I was a child and I have  followed my heart since then.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

Artistically, Susanne Linke, Richard Siegal, Meg Stuart, and the main representatives of the Belgian dance scene, in general. Oher big inspirations include nature, spirituality and life as a whole.


What is your earliest memory?

My earliest dancing memory is the book ‘The Magic of Dance’, by Margot Fonteyn, and the Ballet TV series ‘Anna’.


How do you prepare before a performance?

A very good body warm up, meditation and preparing myself mentally for the performance. Being quiet or trying at least to be cool and saving energy. Keep it simple and light.


How does performing feel outside compared to inside?

I think it fees freer and more interactive with the audience. There’s more space to fill in and more space needs more concentration and focus. Performing outdoors requires you to be more spontaneous, flexible in the mind and open to the moment.


If you weren’t a performer what would you like to do?

I have no answer to this question. I cannot imagine myself being something different.


How do you feel working with tilted?

I feel honoured working for Tilted. Very inspired, artistically fulfilled, creative, challenged and curious.