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Alessandro was born in Rome. After having attended the Ecole Nationale du Cirque Annie Fratellini in AlessandroParis, he chose to devote himself to theatre and dance. His acting and dancing credits include works with À Fleur de Peau, Frédéric Werlé, Maguy Marin, Cyril Viallon, Association Manifeste, Patricia Ferrara, Collectif Ici-Même and Turak Théâtre – objects & puppets, among others.

He has also performed in Austria with Sebastian Prantl, Switzerland with the Compagnie Fabienne Berger, Belgium with Julie Bougard and in the UK with Wayne Sables Project (Leeds) and Quarantine (Manchester).

Since 2010, you can catch a glimpse of Alessandro performing with Les Gens du Quai Compagnie/Montpellier. He also practises and teaches Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan and is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.



How did you come to be a performer?

It must have been around 1993…When I was living in Italy, I took evening classes in mime, dance, yoga and acrobatics. Feeling a little bit stuck in my family nucleus and unsatisfied about the artistic results, I decided to change rhythm and direction of my private and professional life. So I moved to Paris, and continued to study different artistic disciplines. There I started to work for dance and theatre companies and I slowly began to realize that I was an atypical dancer.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

Oh, hard to answer….nature, animals, poets, actors, dancers, choreographers, directors, singers, musicians, farmers, teachers, tailors, Marcel Marceau, Pina Bausch, my brother, my Tai Ji Quan Master… I think I’ll better stop!


How do you feel when you perform?

I feel like I am offering an intimate part of me and that I am sharing an ephemeral and unforgettable experience with the colleagues and the spectators.


What is your earliest memory?

The scent of my father’s skin while holding me in his arms.


How does performing outside feel compared to inside?

It’s inevitably different. I feel like I am more exposed to unexpected events… Sometimes I feel close to my real life, and there is a different but equally exciting level of concentration.


If you weren’t a performer, what would you like to do?

I would be a hermit!


How do you feel working with Tilted?

This is my first project with Tilted so I am gradually discovering the way the choreographer offers the possibility to start a human adventure. For now I can say that it is demanding, funny and physical.