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The Company

Tilted Productions’ work combines contemporary dance and circus, object manipulation, physical theatre and performance art.

Artistic Director Maresa von Stockert creates illusionary worlds that are inspired by social, environmental and political observations. Real life issues are dissected, played with and taken into the realm of the surreal with thought provoking consequences.

Maresa works with a team of collaborators, including contemporary dance and circus artists, actors, designers and composers,  bringing together people from a broad range of ages and challenging artform boundaries.

The work features a constantly evolving interest in the physical dialogue between human bodies and objects. Whether every day objects, specifically designed props, transformable sets, architectures or landscape elements, their role is integral as catalysts for movement  and metaphors within the theatrical concept.

Maresa founded Tilted Productions in 2002 and has created many critically acclaimed pieces for the stage and site-specific works, both nationally and internationally.

Since her outdoor promenade piece Seasaw (2010 – 2012), Maresa continues to explore different notions of art in public space. In the company’s latest outdoor promenade piece BELONGING(s) she explored innovative ways of integrating locality – local people, architecture and landscape – meandering between in- and outdoor locations. The company also introduced the term ‘weather responsive’ experimenting with changeable weather as a creative tool and movement trigger. Maresa’s new work, constructions of Thin Air, marks Tilted’s return to the stage. The piece premiers and tours from Spring 2018 whilst research for a new outdoor piece for 2019 is in the planning.

Tilted Productions is a National Portfolio Organisation funded by Arts Council England. The company is supported by a wide range of national and international organisations. See Support Us for a full list.

Recent partners include 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space; Atelier 231 – Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Sotteville-les-Rouen, FR; Crying Out Loud, London; DanceEast, Ipswich; The Place London Contemporary Dance School.

Tilted Productions is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity with its base in the East of England.